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Brexit Anger

I've been shouting increasingly frequently at idiots in the press and on TV who believe that if we leave the EU, the rest of the world will buy more of our stuff. WHY? I rest my case.

My kids ignore me

"Hi Darling. How was your day?"... "I said how was your day?"... "Would like me to get you something to eat?"... "Cup of tea?"... "WHY THE FUCK DON'T YOU ANSWER ME INSTEAD OF TAPPING ON YOUR PHONE?" "Sorry Dad, did you say something?" Sigh

Brexit Scaremonger? Damn Right I Am.

I drafted this in March 2016, 3 months before the fateful referendum where 52% of people who voted (only 37% of the UK electorate) decided we would be better off leaving the EU.  I am posting this 3 days before the 2019 general election following 3 years of destructive turmoil. I hope the 37% think it's been worth it now that even worse is surely to follow. Lemmings are cute Scandinavian rodents who follow each other over cliffs. I am convinced this is what is happening to the UK. We're being brainwashed by either disingenuous or simply ignorant politicians, none of whom have ever sold anything in their tedious committee-ridden lives, to believe that we will be better off if we leave the EU. They're asking us to blindly follow them over a cliff. It's a bit like the mystery why a dangerous moron like Trump is building a following in the USA. Soundbites work. 'Make America Great Again!' What American wouldn't cheer for that?... until they think a litt