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Has security gone too far?

No-one would suggest that we abandon security measures that are designed to frustrate fraud. But we all hate passwords, and we are all driven mad from time to time by security questions, photo IDs, queues at airports and now endless 'opt in' requests to enable holders of our data to use it. GDPR... OMG! I am currently screaming at brick walls in a crazy loop that's preventing me from accessing my own money. It all started simply enough. I use a gold trading service called Bullionvault . To start trading, you deposit funds from your personal bank account, buy some gold (or other precious metals) which they store 'digitally' or physically for you, and then sell some or all of it while hopefully making a profit (fully taxed of course). Any money that you want to withdraw is then deposited in the same bank account that was used to open the account. All well and good... until you change your bank account. Here is what I have to do before I can get hold of my own mone