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EU Immigrants - UK Gov Missing the Point

Lots of talk today about EU immigration from Amber Rudd the UK Home Secretary. The Brexiter demand to 'take control of our borders' but allow in who we want, sounds, on the face of it, to be sensible. But whatever 'process' the government invents to control migration from the EU, it won't work for my business or for countless others who've benefited from having access to a huge pool of talent eager to dedicate their futures to the UK economy. There have been many reasons why people came to the UK to work (if they didn't want to work, they were unlikely to have made the effort to leave their homes). Most, if not all refugees don't possess EU passports, so they already have to apply for visas. I've written other posts about our moral duty to lead the world in showing compassion to these people who would, and have historically enriched the UK anyway. There are two types of EU immigrant workers: EU citizens who live abroad: Specialised recruitment