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Socialism is poised to destroy the UK

"A country for the many not the few". The slogan for Labour in the recent 'snap-election' which our cretinous Tory government of Brexit dreamers expected would strengthen their mandate. Even I predicted a hung parliament as the obvious outcome of May's pathetic attempt to 'exploit' in-fighting within Labour ranks (I won on PaddyPower at ridiculous odds of  7:2... but more about gambling and winning later). She forgot that she was elected by Remainers. My problem with Labour's slogan is the implication that the 'few' are bad for the UK and that the 'many' are in some way being unfairly treated by them. Pol Pot had the same idea in Cambodia. That worked out well. Lenin too. In more recent times Hugo Chavez's social spending and high taxation totally destroyed Venezuela. Once a shining example of prosperity in South America, now a horrifically failed state. His Robin Hood politics shattered a successful country. But his popularity wa