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UK Immigration Crisis Sorted!

I've got the answer to the UK's dilemma of needing to provide sanctuary for a sensible number of refugees without opening the floodgates:- Prioritise atheists who can prove their indifference to deities by drawing cartoons, eating bacon sandwiches or simply stating 'there is no god'. Sod respect for antiquated tribal beliefs. Beliefs in fantasies are what lie at the heart of the tragic mess these poor people find themselves in. Providing refuge from the hells they are trying to leave means not letting them bring with them the potential for turning their new home into the same hell they left behind. Why let them in if they don't renounce the key factor that created divisions in their own societies. And as far as making our borders safer from terrorist infiltration is concerned, can you see a budding jihadist willingly risking the wrath of his deity when confronted with a test of faith? Keeping your fingers crossed when you told a lie used to be a get-out for school

Investing your Pension in Start-ups. How to Beat the Odds.

I was invited to contribute to a magazine article offering advice about using your pension to invest in business start-ups. My immediate reaction was: 'Don't do it. It's far too risky for something as important as a pension'. Not only does the business have to survive - and a high proportion simply don't - it also has to become saleable and then achieve that exit by being acceptable to the majority of the shareholders - otherwise your equity is only ever going to achieve modest dividends and then only at the directors' discretion. So you might get nothing - ever. Angel investing is not an easy way to make money. And presuming you're considering using some of your pension because you've retired, you've now fewer earnings options than you used to have to feather that retirement nest. Pensions are about being sensible with what you and your dependents will need to rely on for the rest of your lives. They are the last things you should punt on finding