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What about the workers? Them or us?

This morning I met Tony. He works for a company who unblock drains, so quite a messy job, but curiously satisfying when the blockage is removed. Anyway, he was a very chatty chap and while he was flushing out years of accumulated unmentionables from our pipes, he told me about a previous job he had working for a rail company. The story went that he had been made redundant and his wife passed on an ad to become a train guard. He thought 'why not?', so signed up and loved the job. One day, following a challenging train delay that he needed to delicately manage, he got a knock on his door to be confronted by a passenger. "How can I help you sir?" he asked. "I thought I'd let you know how well you dealt with that situation", the chap replied. "Well done!". Turned out he was the chairman of the rail company. A day or two later, Tony was called into his bosses office and told that he had been recommended to become a guard trainer. Promotion and more