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UK needs its own internet (and why leaving the EU is arrogant madness)

Most British citizens use the internet every day. We use it all the time for buying and selling stuff, communicating with people, managing our money, for most of our entertainment, to study and to be alerted about things that matter to us. But we don't control the internet. It's defined and run by unelected faceless bureaucrats outside the UK. We've lost our sovereignty over one of the most important parts of our lives today. We need to regain that sovereignty so we can take control of our future. We need to leave the internet and build a better one that the British people can control! Alexander Graham Bell was British for heaven's sake. So is Sir Tim Berners-Lee. But it's foreigners who control the internet. The internet we use today is hopelessly inefficient. The way it works was originally defined by DARPA - part of the US Department of Defense (they can't even spell). It used the best available technology at the time known as TCP/IP. But a British intern

Brexit Naivety, Lies and Deception

Grombler isn't a patient chap at the best of times. I don't suffer fools gladly although as the years pass, I'm probably rapidly becoming more of one myself. It's a race between becoming an old fool, and recognising I have become one. So I am a little more relaxed these days about judging people as fools as I consider the possibility that it might actually be me who's the fool. This is good for my heart, my family and what friends I have left. But when I hear utter rubbish being spouted by Brexit supporters, my blood boils with all the passion of a youthful Grombler. I can't relax into their fool's paradise. It's simply far too dangerous to let the Brexit numbskulls win. So let me deal with some of their more popular  spouts  in turn. "We don't know any facts" Wrong! There is one fact we do all know. If we vote to stay, nothing much changes. Fact. What we don't know for certain is what happens if we vote to leave. So it's