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Miliband Admits Mansion Tax Poorly Thought Through

I got an email from Ed Miliband in reply to one I sent him about a job creating idea as an alternative to their impractical Mansion Tax. See  Entrepreneur's Credits . Buried within his bleat about 'fairness' and all the other popularist mantra about 'millionaires' needing their arses kicked, was a paragraph revealing how little they'd actually thought through their Mansion Tax promise: "We recognise that it is important that any mansion tax should be designed to overcome issues affecting those who may be capital rich but income poor. There are many ways in which this could be done, such as deferring the charge for some people, and our Treasury team is consulting on the best way to do this. We will ensure that the details are right so people would not be thrown out of their homes." "Deferring the charge"? So if you can't afford to pay the tax from income (that's a fine of £20,000 every year for owning a £2m house), when you sell