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What British Means

I went to a property auction today. It was a big one with several hundred lots of various types for large and small properties throughout the UK. Most of the buyers in a packed hotel conference room apparently originated from other countries (in that those I overheard were talking to each other in languages other than English). Without jumping to too many ethnic conclusions, almost all looked as though their origins were middle-eastern or Asian. But the people running the auction were all smartly suited London City types, and in particular I was struck by the auctioneer himself. He and the auction as a whole were quintessentially British. What do I mean by that? I can only describe the proceedings as well-organised, precise, thorough, good-humoured, respectful, and efficient. The amount of paperwork, terms and conditions, background checks on buyers and sellers, legal niceties and finance procedures added up to a pervading sense of  'don't mess with us' and 'trust u