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Reducing the Risk of Investing in Start-ups

I've written several times about how risky angel investing in start-ups and early stage businesses can be. Having personally invested in about 20 such businesses over the past 10 years, I have probably had to write off at least half of them within the first couple of years - but that doesn't mean they have disappeared completely. Just that my shares are no longer worth anything. That annoys me not just because they cost me money, but because the assets I helped to create may now be earning money for someone else. It may even be illegal and I am letting them get away with it. Let me explain. When you buy shares in a company, depending on the class of shares you buy, you are probably entitled to a share of the profits it makes when the board issues what's known as a dividend. Otherwise the profit is retained in the business to be reinvested in growth. In due course, someone may offer to buy your shares for more money than you originally paid. So there are basically two ways o