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Even Churchill Favoured an EU

The British bulldog himself, Winston Churchill, is universally regarded as our national hero. The embodiment all things British. It might therefore surprise the nationalists who voted for us to leave the EU that Churchill argued strongly for its creation. On 19th September 1946, he made a speech at Zurich University. The corrected full text is below (amazingly whoever made the original transcript, included a number of mistakes). You can listen to the original recording here . Any highlighting is mine. So if you don't want to plough through all 17 minutes, you can get the gist from the bold text. " I wish to speak to you today about the tragedy of Europe. This noble continent, comprising on the whole the fairest and the most cultivated regions of the earth; enjoying a temperate and equable climate, is the home of all the great parent races of the western world. It is the fountain of Christian faith and Christian ethics. It is the origin of most of the culture, arts, ph