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UK Immigration Crisis Sorted!

I've got the answer to the UK's dilemma of needing to provide sanctuary for a sensible number of refugees without opening the floodgates:- Prioritise atheists who can prove their indifference to deities by drawing cartoons, eating bacon sandwiches or simply stating 'there is no god'. Sod respect for antiquated tribal beliefs. Beliefs in fantasies are what lie at the heart of the tragic mess these poor people find themselves in. Providing refuge from the hells they are trying to leave means not letting them bring with them the potential for turning their new home into the same hell they left behind. Why let them in if they don't renounce the key factor that created divisions in their own societies.

And as far as making our borders safer from terrorist infiltration is concerned, can you see a budding jihadist willingly risking the wrath of his deity when confronted with a test of faith? Keeping your fingers crossed when you told a lie used to be a get-out for schoolboys, but I guess the cross thing means it doesn't work if you don't worship them - so there probably isn't an equivalent in other faiths.

If the freedom of their children's minds is such a big price to pay for entry to this country, then they will just have to find refuge where brainwashing is tolerated or encouraged. Pity we can't just take in their children. Indoctrinating young minds is a form of child abuse after all, no matter how well-meaning the motives. Does the UK have a responsibility to save children from the nuttiness of their parents? We already stop them from performing FGM, slavery and forcing underage girls from become brides and sex slaves. Why not from brainwashing?

Let's become a beacon for the world to attract immigrants who want to bring up their children without insisting that one holy book is any more likely to be dictated by a bloke on a cloud than any another. Make the UK the home of open minds, not antiquated dogma. Let's be deliberately disrespectful of fantasies and fairy-stories written by 'voice-hearing' people who had they been born in recent times, would have fascinated psychiatrists rather than disciples.

If Slovakians, Poles and Czechs can prioritise Christians being allowed entry, then we can prioritise enlightened people who would join the majority of Brits in rejecting being controlled by mystical books and the deluded clerics who claim their contents to be a better truth than all the others.


Oh and by the way. If we are a Christian country as our PM recently stated, then we're not being particularly Christian in barring immigrants from living here. We're actually a secular country, or at least ought to be, and we need to solve this issue pretty fast as more and more people attempt to 'swarm' in - as he also famously wished he hadn't said.


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