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I Blame...

17 million Brits, out of the 46 million who had the vote (37% of the electorate), have decided to force the UK out of the EU. It's a pity 28% of us didn't bother to vote. It's devastating news for the UK, the EU and the whole world (except Putin and Trump apparently). But apart from the elderly deluded xenophobes who put their cross in the wrong box, here's who I really blame.

The EU

For not realising this might happen. Not only should they have been reforming their inefficiencies - or at least explaining to everyone what they might already be doing to improve things - they should have offered the UK better concessions over immigration. Their intransigence in the face of growing xenophobia throughout the whole EU will be their undoing. As I write this the day after the vote, the worst affected stock markets are Spain, Italy, France and Germany. The FTSE (UK), paradoxically, is one of the least affected (although massively down).

The Conservative Party

I'm a longstanding member and contributor to the Tory party. Not now. I resigned this morning. I can't support a party about to be led by Brexiters. There should never have been a referendum on something so complex and fundamental to all our futures. Utter madness asking the passengers to fly the plane, the patients to run the hospital, or the pupils to run the school. Experts are employed as experts for a reason. The Conservatives should have found better ways to defuse the poisonous madness of UKIP in the run up to the last election. Self-evidently, as it transpired, they gambled very badly and dangerously with our future. Boris Johnson has just said on TV that there was no other way 'to make this decision other than by a referendum'. There was no 'decision' to make! His party created it.

Leave Lies

Johnson, Gove, Farage et al peddled fabricated lies to give false hope to a highly emotional argument. Even when their lies were exposed time and time again, 'leave voters' evidently didn't care or understand. £350m per week to spend on the NHS crap. Take control of our borders (we already have control over non-EU immigrants who outnumber EU migrants). Easy to get free trade agreements not only with the EU but also with every non-EU economy. We will have to start from scratch. We've NEVER had to negotiate a single trade deal before. Maybe some of the Leave voters know how to do it... with 80 countries. Within 2 years. Not a hope!

George Osborne

The more he tried to scare the electorate, the more they decided to give him a bloody nose. He then tried harder and they punched harder. Doesn't he understand that he's the personification of global capital, greedy bankers, fat cats and everyone the poor believe are responsible for their poverty - and of course the nasty taxman. Whether these people create jobs and wealth for the nation is irrelevant. This is the politics of envy and blame for personal misery. 'I'm poor because he's rich'. 'The 'experts' are all part of the establishment who are the reason I'm unsatisfied with my life'. George Osborne made them angrier and angrier. This vote is meant to really hurt him - but of course ironically it will mostly hurt the poor.

Our Worship of Trivia and Celebrity

Clearly the vast majority of leavers didn't read or listen to ANY of the hundreds and hundreds of published experts. They're more interested in box-sets, Facebook and footie. Most people are lazy experts. As long as they don't sound stupid in the pub, they're experts. True knowledge and intellect is the domain of swats, nerds and losers. 'You can shut up now, you're boring me. What's on TV?'


The principal reason people, all people, fear 'foreigners', is currently thanks to radical Islam. Without holy books dictated by imaginary gods, people would not murder others who didn't believe in them. For religions to survive and propagate, they need to be divisive. They need to distinguish themselves from their competitors. People, usually poor, are forced from birth to believe that their own god/book is right, so the others must be wrong. Their believers threaten the 'correct' beliefs. We need to get rid of them and learn how to live with each other compassionately and with a love of rational learning for all. No more brainwashing children. We're one species.


I failed to persuade enough people that they are condemning our children to a dark and negative future of borders, tariffs, social division, tribalism, protectionism and blind faith that everything will be OK.


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