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Brexit Mess is Remainers' Fault

The post's title was meant to surprise and possibly even anger you. I am a Remainer who blames our resistance to leaving the EU as the reason our parliament is unable to slam the door in the face of the EU and leave. But why do we even still exist? We were beaten at the referendum in 2016 and by rights should have held our hands up, taken a deep breath and got on with making it work. But we refuse to roll over.

The reasons we still exist, and are consequently trying everything in our power (and beyond it) to prevent the country from leaving the EU (today as it happens... 29th March 2019) is down to four things:
  1. We only just lost. 51.9% voted Leave. The gap was 1.27 million. So if just 650,000 changed their vote (a quarter the population of Birmingham), or most of the 1.5 million 16/17 year olds who can now vote, or most of the 2 million excluded British ex-pats, or even half the 3 million EU citizens living here permanently, now voted for Remain, democracy would dictate we remain in the EU. It was a very small margin which another referendum would probably reverse. We are a democratic whisker away from teerful celebrations (here and in Europe) and parties in the street. By the way, why haven't Leavers organising mass celebrations? Why aren't the 'majority of the country' showing their excitement? They won and their halcyon future has arrived. Show us how excited we should be!
  2. Remainers believe in something... the idea of a united Europe and offering a collective resistance to the hegemonies of the USA and China. Leaving is a negative decision. It's a rejection of an idea with no clear focus on an alternative. It's also shamefully xenophobic. Until we get clarity on how the UK will trade and collaborate with the EU, and indeed everyone else we were already happily trading with as part of the EU, Remainers have nothing to get excited about. There is no Leave Plan other than 'suck it and see, we'll work it out as we go'. All we do know for certain is that there will be mountains of problems.
  3. Lies. Leavers were fed a barrage (or farage?) of blatant lies and deceptions. £350 million a week more for the NHS being the most wicked, and many more based on how easy it will be to replace the benefits we've enjoyed as part of the EU. Remainers can't unhear or start to believe the claims that helped to decide the most important decision most of us have ever made. If we are provided with evidence that what we believed to be lies were in fact true, then fair-does. I'm far happier admitting I was wrong than being forced to believe something I still know to be a lie.
  4. Gloomy predictions are starting to unfold. The pound devalued dramatically (and continues to fall). Inward investment into the UK has disappeared (we are no longer the gateway to the world's largest trading block). Some of the banking sector has departed. Car companies are pulling out. Even Dyson has buggered off (what disingenuous nonsense to say he needs his HQ in Singapore to reflect growth in China and the East. That's called a Sales Office! HQs are where IP and the value of a company reside. Thanks for your confidence in the UK James. And even if I'm wrong and there are good non-Brexit reasons for moving your HQ from the UK to Singapore, did you never consider the message this would send to the world?). All EU institutions have abandoned the UK. We are out of all future EU projects. Immigration of vital NHS staff etc has dried up. We are the laughing stock of the planet. Who would want to be British right now?
So Remainers can easily win another ballot, we believe in something positive that can be defined, we know the opposition were deceived, and scaremongering turns out to be prophecy.

Yes the impasse in Westminster is our fault. If Remainers were given something to get excited about, we wouldn't believe we are trying to protect our children's future at the eleventh hour. We'd sigh and roll over. But we can't! Blame us for being dreamers, anti-democratic, remoaners or whatever derogatory term you see fit to explain why parliament can't move on, but we will not give in while...



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